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manga: Doll//challenge: blood

I hope manga is acceptable, as well as triple-drabbles. e.e; If not, go ahead and remove it. I kinda went crazy.

Doll is a slightly indie title, so first, let me give a brief explanation. Doll is a manga set in the future, where android-production has become quite popular. Dolls, as they are called, are created to fill all sorts of rolls - they are made to do work that nobody wants to do, as personal assistants to take "boring" jobs (such as that of a secretary), and for assassin work, and also as pleasure models. Female dolls are quite popular for this task. Doll is filled with short stories about relationships between humans and their Dolls, whether it be jealousy, lust, or even unrequited love.

- - -

It was Edmund’s seventeenth birthday, and on that day, his parents promised, he could have a Doll. It had been something he had longed for since he first took an interest in girls. Immediately disappointed by the imperfections that plagued normal girls such as acne, bad breath, and spoiled natures, Edmund decided quickly that he would wait for something better. Something flawless.

“She even bleeds,” The salesman bragged as he lifted her arm to make a tiny cut near her armpit, just to prove his point. “And this model comes complete with real bruising tissue.”

Edmund allowed his own hungry eyes to travel the length of his new toy, his features alight with something akin to awe, and excitement that had been held in waiting for this occasion specifically. Her golden hair was tied back in a sophisticated yet girlish ponytail, and a few stray ringlets fell about her cheeks and temples. Her skin was the off-white color of cream, which the exception of her lips which were red like strawberries. His mouth already watered, anxious to kiss them.

There’s been a glitch or two in her personality meter, however. We can have that fixed before we wrap her.”

The android twisted away from the salesman’s touch as the slit was made beneath her arm.

“I’m not a Doll!” She sobbed as she fought to tear her wrist from his grip. “I’m not a robot! Believe me! God, please believe me!”

“Have it done quickly.” The young aristocrat ordered, ignorant to her pleas. “I’ll have the money wired to the creator’s private account.”

“Yes sir.” The seller replied with a bow. He turned his back to the young man and acquired the help of two large bodyguards to guide the rogue Doll to her next destination. Edmund left the store in contemplation of the android’s strange behavior. As he was assisted into his transportation, he remembered an article he read about the Doll-making business suffering from a shortage of parts needed to produce their stock.
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