Hieiko (hieispike) wrote in anime100,

Blood challenge -- YYH, Hiei/Botan

Title: All That Red
Author: Hieiko
Fandom: Yu Yu Hakusho
Pairing: Hiei/Botan
Notes: Written for the anime100 "Blood" challenge, and the yyh100 "Colors" challenge.
Summary: Botan watches a loved one pass away.

There was so much red.

Hiei was drenched, looking as though someone had splashed him with paint.

Had it been a normal day, seeing that dark shade of red would have made Botan smile; it always reminded her of his eyes. Now it only made things worse, because his eyes had become dull and unseeing. She tried to tell herself that maybe he had gotten into one of those moods and was just staring off into space.

Unfortunately, she was horrible at lying.

Botan had seen thousands of deaths, but this was the only time she felt like dying herself.

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