the hyacinth girl (nirvana_falling) wrote in anime100,
the hyacinth girl

Drabble of a newbie...

-waves- Hi! I'm new and I bring a drabble with me.

Title: Roses
Series: Neon Genesis Evangelion (slightly AU)
Word Count : 107 (So close!)
Challenge: Grave. Ultimatum. Whisper.
Notes: Shinji P.O.V

I came to see you today. I brought you roses, because I know you like them. It’s been three years now since I left you, and two since you left me. I remember when you told me to get out. “Fix it or end it,” you said. It was the worst ultimatum you could give. And when you told me, you were whispering. You never whispered. But I listened this time, and I left. And then, you left and I became faithful - to your grave. Now, I show you my love. So come down and get your roses, Asuka, before I take them back.
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