yellowhorde (yellowhorde) wrote in anime100,

Morning Confusion - Pet Shop of Horrors

Disclaimer: I don’t own Pet Shop of Horrors and I make no money from this or any fanfic I write
Fandom: Pet Shop of Horrors
Pairing: Leon x D
Rating: R
Warnings: Yaoi
Author: yellowhorde
Notes: This is for the 04/28/05 – 05/05/05 challenge for the Live Journal community, anime100. Challenge words: coffee, lurking, ring
Sequel to ‘Morning Surprise’

‘I slept with D!’ Leon’s mind panicked. ‘How did that happen?’

With shaky hands, he picked up his mug - it spilled over the rim – desperately wishing for something stronger… lots stronger.

‘I slept with D!’

His finger traced the coffee ring on the table. He sensed D lurking nearby, felt his anxiety… his confusion.

‘Hell, I’m pretty confused myself.’

Then D was at his side; the scent of sex clung to him like perfume. He fussily wiped away the spill and handed Leon a coaster.

“Detective,” his voice was quiet, “We need to talk.”

Boy, was that an understatement.

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