yellowhorde (yellowhorde) wrote in anime100,

Biting the Bullet - Pet Shop of Horrors

Disclaimer: I don’t own Pet Shop of Horrors and I make no money from this or any other fanfic I write.
Fandom: Pet Shop of Horrors
Pairing: Leon + D
Rating: PG
Warning: Shonen Ai
Author: yellowhorde
Notes: This was written for the 05/13/05 – 05/19/05 challenge at the LiveJournal community, anime100. Challenge: ‘Biting the bullet’

The boutique’s door swung open with a merry jingle and Leon was suddenly drowning in the scent of flowers.

“How may I help you, sir?” The clerk chirped from near the display case.

“I need some red roses and a box of your best chocolates.”

The clerk smiled brightly. “For your girlfriend?”

No!” Leon exclaimed, a little flustered at this question. “Just… a friend...sort of.”

“So, what’s the occasion?” She asked. “Anniversary? Wedding?”

“No, I forgot his birthday,” Leon mumbled.

She winced sympathetically. “That’s gonna cost you big time!”

“Yeah,” he sighed as he handed over his Visa. “I know.”

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