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Deep Down - Meitantei Conan

Title: Deep Down
Fandom: Meitantei Conan
Pairing: Kogorou x Eri implied
Idea: The thin line between love and hate
Disclaimer: Meitantei Conan belongs to Aoyama Goushou, et al.

Did she ever love him at all? Eri sometimes wondered. Or was she simply infatuated (or losing her mind, which would have amounted to the same thing) when she agreed to marry him? Either way, she was glad they were now somewhat out of each other's lives.

Ran hoped the two of them would get together again one day. Eri told her not to count on it.

"But you read all the cases he has solved, and it annoys you when he hits on other women in front of you...,"

Eri sighed. "That's exactly it. Your father does that just to annoy me."

"But if you don't care about him, then why does it matter?"

She knew why she cared, but she was not about to admit it - not to Ran, certainly not to herself.

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